The Dark and light side of the Darknet


The darknet is primarily a huge virtual “black market”, or rather, a network of black markets. Here they sell and buy everything that is banned even on the World Wide Web with its fairly free mores: drugs, weapons, stolen personal data, forged documents, pornographic content, and so on. However, in fact, not everything is so terrible, because some of the disgusting “goods” offered do not actually exist, or at least cannot be sold by this seller, but only serves to hunt criminals or deceive users.

Darknet drugs weapons prostitutes

The dark side also has a light side – in addition to a platform for the exchange of illegal goods, the Darknet serves as a means of communication for people with free views who cannot openly express them on the regular network, even if their thoughts are actually pure and disinterested, especially in countries with strict Internet censorship. For them, the anonymous Darknet serves as an excellent cover from the all-seeing eye of the special services and various corporations seeking to keep everything under control. There is no political, religious or other censorship here, and there really is unlimited freedom of speech. It is no coincidence that some people prefer to exchange opinions and even blog here. For them, the “dark net” is primarily a secure channel for transmitting information.

Along with prohibited goods in the Darknet, you can find very useful tools for anonymous data transfer and other means that guarantee users’ security and protect them from the same scammers who are not averse to appropriating the contents of other people’s bank cards. There is even an analogue of the search engine DuckDuckGo, for those who do not want to give Google, Microsoft, Yandex or their interests and then receive annoying promotional emails.