Darknet (darknet, darkweb) – shadow Internet

Hidden network

The Internet can be compared to a large city. Most of it is occupied by “neighborhoods for respectable citizens”, where a high level of culture reigns, and vigilant guards-moderators strictly monitor the order, and “working areas”, from which they will not be expelled with shame for using strong expressions, for actions disapproved of at a higher level or the distribution of obscene materials. But, as in any city, there is also a place well hidden from prying eyes with its own laws and rules that have nothing to do with the generally accepted ones, and for the most part directly violate them. In this case, the darkest things are usually done, it is no coincidence that on the Internet it received the name Darknet (Darknet, or in English “dark network”).

Darknet is the deepest corner of the world Wide Web, which even the all-seeing search engine robots do not penetrate.

An ordinary user is also unlikely to be able to wander here even by accident, but the one who is looking for him and the one who really needs him will get into it without any problems. Why and for whom the Darknet exists, why it remains invisible to most, however, this is only for now. With the development of Internet censorship, the darknet is becoming more and more in demand and more convenient tools for working with the network are appearing.